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Re: [symfony-devs] Symfony 2.1 release

jaimesuez May 3, 2012 8:23 AM
Posted in group: Symfony developers (DISABLED)
+1 to 2.1 asap and 2.2 LTS

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012 4:04:32 AM UTC-4, Lukas Smith wrote:

So first up: yes we dropped the ball. Symfony 2.1 should have been released 4-5 months ago. So we screwed up. But stuff like this happens. Overall we are in a luxurious situation that we have such a huge stream of contributions that it poses a challenge. Now we need to deal with this screw up and also ensure we prevent this from happening again.

I have a bit of experience as the release manager of PHP 5.3 that its impossibly hard to try and wait for big chunks of code to mature in a healthy project with lots of other contributions. Everybody thinks their little change is a no risk must have. But everything that gets added does take time to review, has the risk of hidden surprises and in the end also needs to be documented.

At the same time there is no guarantee when exactly those big chunks of code will be ready to be shipped. Its good that Victor is helping Bernhard but even if everyone would now help on the form/validation component, that would probably not speed things up much. Everybody should however make sure to provide timely feedback to their progress.

But at any rate, any of these numbers people have mentioned are ok to wait for the form/validation component to mature are crystal ball estimates. 2, 3, 4 months, august .. its all just educated guesses.

Furthermore I dont think that breaking BC is binary. There are a lot of grey areas in between. We have a ton of really useful things in master already.

Finally the key goal here is that we want to get to an LTS release. I am not so sure that if we wait until August for 2.1 that we will have the confidence to release it as an LTS. So imho it makes more sense to come out with a 2.1 ASAP and then set us a timeline and feature set to target for 2.2 as an LTS. IMHO the RC phase should be planned for September/Oktober/November. Aka we feature freeze in September and then give us 2 months to release. But as noted above, there are never guarantees.

Lukas Kahwe Smith