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Re: [symfony-devs] Symfony 2.1 release

Christophe COEVOET May 3, 2012 1:34 PM
Posted in group: Symfony developers (DISABLED)
Le 03/05/2012 22:23, Marco Roello a écrit :
It is exactly what I was meaning.

I'm talking from a framework consumer perspective.
It seems that the (the largest) community is trying to stay updated with the master branch, while (obviously) symfony stays on the stable realease.
And this makes confusion.
Symfony 2 is quite stable, meanwhile 2.1 seems a major update, with a lot of changes in many components.
We should always remember one the main purpose (it is my point of view) of a framework...allow the developer to do complex things in a simple manner.
So, if we have an update that can break something, in my opinion it must be isolated and well documented.

The Knp team never advocated following Symfony master for bundles listed on AFAIK. It is simply that the feature (requested by the community) has been implemented in the simplest way but we would obviously need a more complex one.
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