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Re: Symfony 2.1 release

Damon Jones Apr 27, 2012 9:10 PM
Posted in group: Symfony developers (DISABLED)
+1 for waiting for a 2.1 release

As tempting as it is to have 2.1 sooner and be able to take advantage of all the new features and enhancements, I'd rather wait for a stable 2.1 release which has the forms components and everything finalised.

Another couple of months of waiting aren't that significant, compared to the pain of reverting changes (for anyone using master, or developing bundles for it) to rush out a 2.1 release.

If that happens and 2.0 users upgrade to 2.1 then they potentially have even more changes to cope with (including breaking-BC changes) when 2.2 is released in July/August. To have 2 releases that close together with significant changes seems like it would be a definite pain point for many users.

I expect there will also be some confusion with having documentation which is up-to-date for each version.