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Who's who

Colin Chambers Feb 9, 2011 1:00 AM
Posted in group: Symbiotic Learning
A few people have mentioned they'd like to know a little about everyone in the group. Their background, interests, what they want to get out of the group, what they can add. That kind of stuff. 

A few of us have described this in other threads but we don't have one space reserved for it. Particularly for newbies joining the group trying to get up to speed. I'd prefer an editable document elsewhere but google groups doesn't really provide that. So a new thread will work for now. 

I'll start. 

I'm Colin Chambers. I work at The Open University (OU) in the UK.  I'm fascinated by biology and the study of human excellence. My background is in PE, Sports science and management. So I love sports and gaming plus learning and teaching. I work as a technical developer working on the OU's Moodle based Virtual learning environment. So I'm actually a techie. 

Given this background you can see I want to develop tools and applications that help learning and teaching using the strengths of sports and gaming wherever possible. Ideally these tools will help investigate the human body and teach us how to use our gifts well in the pursuit of excellence.