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Robert Vayner Is Inviting You to Check Out

ftomatic Mar 15, 2011 11:17 AM
Posted in group: Sweetcron
Hi ,

Robert Vayner is inviting you to join - Daily Deals & VIP Fashion Events invitation list

Robert Vayner says:

Hey, Its Robert from Fashion Penny Corp. Your on my email contacts list and i am notifying few closer connections about my new marketplace service... This will benefit buyers, anyone in sales of brand name , high fashion clothing, jewelry, accessories or related services. Unfortunately i cant expose all details until its fully live in less then a week but i can say that it leads to inside pricing (true wholesale)on high fashion, designer clothing and accessories while helping prevent sales of counterfeits online. You will be able to become an approved seller, buyer, affiliate, publisher or get your own group buy deals site filled with product and make money! To start the Entry process as a seller or buyer you may start joining the invite list , will be able to invite your friends and family !

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