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Too many options, or not too many options? ...

Mladen Mijatov Mar 26, 2012 2:53 AM
Posted in group: Sunflower
For a while now I am thinking if we are adding too many options to preferences window. Many feature requests were marked invalid and users pointed to that window for more detailed examination. 

This might be a problem as people tend to get lost in too many options. Am not sure how many users are out there and whether having this many options is actually a good thing. On thing is sure, no matter how simple we make options window people will still neglect to take a look at it. This leads me to another idea I've been brewing in my head. To make a quick guide for first time users. Add nice pictures, few lines of text just to give a user nice little guide to fill them in on how everything in Sunflower works. 

You thoughts?