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FOUND / STOLEN Marin Hybrid

Buddy Giguere Sep 5, 2013 5:05 PM
Posted in group: Stolen Bicycles Bay Area

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I was walking to Kilowatt for a drink with a friend (09/04) around 7pm and at the corner of Valencia and 16th I was approached by shifty looking character with a very new (nubs still on the tires) Marin bicycle for sale. He asked $150 for it and I just continued walking, but my conscience weighed on me. 

I've had four bikes stolen, one of which was stolen from a friend's apartment about 6 weeks back. I LOVE my bikes and after having them taken from me I've always said if I see a bike theft in progress or some sort of bike thievery happening that I'd do something, violence usually plays out in my head but alas... I am not a ninja or an ex navy seal... What I did do is I went back across the street, talked him down to $120 and now I have your bike.

If you've lost a Marin bicycle in the recent past please reply to this post and provide the serial. Literally the nubs are still on the tires so this bike is either REALLY new or you should ride it more when you get it back.