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Re: Sync Schedule - How does it work?

Byron Shaheen Feb 27, 2012 9:07 PM
Posted in group: Spanning Sync
Hi Patrick,

Spanning Sync will initiate a sync only during the scheduled sync
interval.  However, if you make a change in iCal or Address Book,
Apple Sync Services will force all sync clients to immediately trickle
sync.  You can disable trickle sync for Spanning Sync by pasting the
following line in a Terminal window:

defaults write com.spanningsync noTrickleSyncing -bool YES
(Be sure to press return after pasting.)

Then, logout of your Mac OS X account and back in again.


Byron Shaheen

On Feb 24, 9:30 pm, Patrick Pritchard <> wrote:
> I currently have my "Sync with Google" setting to be "every hour".
> However, I've noticed that SS often syncs with Google multiple times
> in an hour.  A question:
> Is the "Sync with Google" setting meant to indicate how often SS will
> actively go out to Google to get more information, *however* if there
> is a local update on the computer, SS will immediately send the
> changes over to google?
> For example, if I have it hourly, my most recent sync was 11:05, and
> my next sync should be 12:05.  If I make a new calendar entry at
> 11:40, will SS wait until 12:05 to send the new entry, or will it do
> it immediately at 11:40?
> Thanks,
> -Patrick