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Re: [sonata-devs] Re: nested set for admin bundle

Lukas Kahwe Smith Dec 5, 2011 4:52 AM
Posted in group: sonata-devs

On Dec 5, 2011, at 13:34 , matteosister wrote:

> This is great...but...inside the TreeBundle there isn't an interface
> right now...only a bunch of js/css/images files...
> maybe it's inside a non-public branch?
> Anyway I love the idea to use only unobstrusive js implementation
> without touching the code. But how do you deal with filters (in a
> treeview doesn't make much sense) and pagination (you always need the
> full list)?

Oh sorry. We moved it in the end:

But this is certainly not the right place for this interface if we want to enable different database backends to use it. Or maybe we can in the end make the browser Bundle more generic.

> As a side note I think that this jquery plugin is far more better then
> the one used in the bundle:

ok noted. i have opened a ticket on the Bundle to evaluate your suggestion:

Lukas Kahwe Smith