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Re: SU on Linux Servers

bob Aug 30, 2009 7:07 PM
Posted in group: Feature suggestions
> OpenGL/hardware requirements for SU have nudged up over the years -
> not down.  People want more functionality, not less.

I'm not sure whether this is getting too philosophical.

The question remains if a piece of software that, with all it's bells
and whistles turned off, can run on a low specs computer, performs
better or worse on a high end machine. At least it would demand a lean
and mean modeling and rendering engine. Then each gram counts (which
might turn out to be kilo's on a big FX worthy model).

More customisable Open GL settings, integrated into the application -
for instance? Like: do we always need shading of some sort or may we
turn that off all together? On any type of machine modeling
applications start to lag and stutter at some point. It wouldn't harm
in that case to be able to set the program to "low specs computer
settings", would it? That might be great new functionality, too.

Or wouldn't it?