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Re: viewing problem after installing 7.1 - please help!

bob Oct 1, 2009 5:42 AM
Posted in group: SketchUp Issues
If that's what you mean..

On Oct 1, 2:40 pm, bob <> wrote:
> Hello matt,
> This is due to a new rendering engine, which makes navigating through
> heavy models smoother.
> It's true a lot of the model is hidden to achieve this. SU 6 and 7 had
> this ability too, which showed up with heavy models, but then still
> was not very responsive. So in that sense it's a great improvement for
> some of us.
> Here is a link that sheds a little more light on the issue:
> There are some options to do a little fine tuning:
> On Oct 1, 12:42 pm, matt <> wrote:
> > Hi - I have been using sketchup free version for several years and
> > have recently updated to 7.1. Since doing this my models go 'weird' as
> > soon as I pan around them in the normal way. This happens with
> > existing models from before the update and also with new models. The
> > models go transparent in places, have jagged pieces all over them and
> > generally look like some kind of cubist artwork! I have tried
> > exporting a 2d image and this comes up fine. Can anyone shed any light
> > on this issue please?? matt