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Re: Place Model tool not available

DennisB Sep 24, 2009 2:30 PM
Posted in group: Using SketchUp
The only 'place model' button that I know of is for placing a model in
Google Earth.

There are 2 different ways to get models from the warehouse...
1. If you have SketchUp open and go up to file>3d warehouse. Then once
you find your model and click on download, it will ask if you want to
load it into your open sketchup window. You can say yes, which will
place it in your open window, or say no and that will open another
SketchUp window and place it in there.

2. You can go to and find and then download
the model. Then find where ever it was downloaded to, open it and use
it or open it and then copy and paste it where you need it (such as
copy and pasting it into another open SketchUp window)

Good luck


On Sep 24, 2:02 pm, Sandy <> wrote:
> I am ready to place a 3D model (imported from 3d Warehouse), but the
> Place Model button is "grayed out" and nothing happens.