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Re: Re-using components

Gaieus Sep 25, 2009 5:00 AM
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Hi Happy Senior and welcome among the SU addicts.

There are a bunch of ways you can save a component for further re-use
- one of which is indeed the 3D Warehouse where you can upload any
models (under a 10 Mb file size limit but that's fairly enough).

You will need a Google account (which you apparently have since posted
here) and with that, open an account in the 3D WH. When uploading, you
can specify if you want to share your model with the rest of the world
or just jkeep it for yourself (or whoever you "invite").

If you have a look at your component browser (open from the Window
menu), right to the Google warehouse search bar, there is a blue
button. If you press that, it will give you a couple of choices how
and where to save your current (In model) components for further use.

Also, at the (almost) tiop right of the component browser, there is
another button with a + sign, where you can open a secondary window
and there you find the folders of yolur locally collected components
and from the top window, simply drag and drop your "In model

Then whenever you right click on a component (either in the mopdel or
the browser window), you can always "Save as..." - a separate skp file
(after all, components can be regarded as "embedded skp files") and
you can always import it (or simply drag and drop it into your
modelling window) from anywhere you store them.

Have fun;

On Sep 25, 6:06 am, HappySenior <> wrote:
> As a Senior Citizen and newbie using the free version of SketchUp7, I
> believe in safe and efficient project creation procedures. A retired
> accountant and database designer, designing projects in 2 and 3D is an
> awesome and daunting experience.
> I have designed a basic cabinet and saved it as a component to a room
> divider. Assume that at some future time I want to create something
> like a computer desk that is substantially similar to the basic
> cabinet. Is there some way in version 7 that I can create a library of
> the components I've created and retrieve and modify it in my new
> project?
> Is it true that any user can submit a component for inclusion in the
> 3D Warehouse? (It will take a while for my skill level to advance to
> an appropriate level).