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new firefox extension: keep yourself up-to-date in 3d-warehouse

aerilius Aug 25, 2009 10:18 AM
Posted in group: Gallery
Do you also spend much time in 3d-warehouse browsing your favourite modeler's profiles for new submissions?
Now I decided to make a convenient solution for me. Sorry that I could only release it for firefox, because first I tried very long to do it as a normal website without any extensions, which is impossible.

This is a Firefox extension that automatically executes search queries, filters the results and presents all models that you have not seen yet.
In the attachment, you find two files. The .xpi is the extension itself and can be installed by dragging it into the firefox application window. The .html website can be placed in whatever directory want. If you like, add it on your favourites bar.

I hope it will be also useful to others,
happy sketching and browsing!