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Re: Thinking about using Sketchup?

Jim Middleton Sep 25, 2009 8:32 AM
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Many thanks for those comments. I will explore the videos on utube and do a bit of playing around with the tutorials before making a decision on whether to offer to introduce Sketchup to our draughtmen dept. Thanks Jim

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Do you need a back ground in Autocad prior to being able to use

I don't have a background in AutoCAD, but from the questions I've seen here, it sometimes seems like it could work against you! There are a few different ways of working with 3D programs, and if you've done years of using another tool, coming to SketchUp may be confusing to you. So, the less you know the better!

Is Sketchup compatable with Autocad?

SketchUp Pro, or the free version with the added plugin (found at ), can import DWG files.

Can i take an Autocad dwg and delelope into 3D Model? and vise/versa

Once you have that DWG imported, you would use it asa starting point for making your 3D model. There are lots of YouTube videos sowing how to go from DWG to a 3D model.

Is Sketchup any use for me as an Interior designer?

You can easily add furniture to your model, but you won't get some of the placement help that you might in a dedicated interior design program.