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Re: Bug splat

George Knowles Sep 20, 2009 5:54 PM
Posted in group: SketchUp Pro
Hi Doc,

You’ll find lots of troubleshooting help at the link below:

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On Sep 20, 12:14 pm, DocWild <> wrote:
> SK7 upgrade seems very unstable, have endured more spontaneous crashes
> (bug splats) in last 3wks than in last 3 years.  Seems to happen most
> during move/copy procedure.  Once file is infected (with bug splat),
> need complete system reset.  Otherwise will crash every 3 or 4
> minutes.  Only thing different is upgrade to V7.  Also, now when a new
> drawing is started it SK doesn't update the recent history list.  List
> is same as before the upgrade (3mos ago).