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Yuen Chi Lian Dec 31, 2011 9:29 PM
Posted in group: Sinar Project
By the way, I don't have ADUN's data yet, maybe you can help :D I have defined both constituencies and districts schema with only the former is filled up.

Yuen-Chi Lian |
"I do not seek; I find." - Pablo Picasso

2012/1/1 Yuen-Chi Lian <>
You can fork my MP app, it has all the social media links already. I can see that we will have duplicated data islands, but that's okay for now 'til we integrate.

I use UUID by the way.

Yuen-Chi Lian |
"I do not seek; I find." - Pablo Picasso

2011/12/31 lau kokhwa <>
Hi everyone,

Just joined this group few days ago. Great to see that there are
people who contributed their skills for a better Malaysia. I've built
a scraper for ADUN list too at
sourcing data from wikipedia.

The reason I built that scraper is to support my another half-baked
facebook app named "Who is My YB ?". I haven't integrate any social
things offered by FB API as it does seem alot to learn for me. So
currently you can just access it as standalone page at
Key in your IC number and it will tell you who is your MP and ADUN.
Behind the scene it queries SPR website and make use of sweemeng's MP
scraper and my ADUN scraper to tell the answer. I was thinking of
including the YBs social medias links but having trouble in finding
them out. Then Ditesh's scraper came in just in time =) I will try
include them when have time.

Comments and suggestions are most welcomed.