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Actions for students and mentors, "managing the plan"

Ingo Schommer May 1, 2012 3:02 AM
Posted in group: SilverStripe GSOC 2012
Hello mentors and students!

We're one week into the community bonding period, and its very quiet on the GSOC front. 
I hope that's just the anticipation, and there's lots of chats going on behind the scenes :)

Can you please respond to this email with one or two sentences
what you have been up to, and specifics you are planing for the next week?

Update from Michal and me: He's travelling until Wednesday, pencilled in a Skype chat for Thursday.
Discussed merit of fixture factories on mailinglist, concluded while useful, its not a big part of the scope.
Will identify specific technical gaps which prevent effective behaviour testing,
and how to collaborate with SS to get continuous integration set up early in the project
as a means of validating the approach, and a simple way to keep track of progress.

The bonding period is crucial to get a head start on the project:
Please ensure its used effectively, particularly for scope definition.

Actions for all mentors/students until end of this week:
- Put details on the who's who wiki page, and fills out their project page
- Students: Set up a blog for his project (or address to an existing blog), on the project page
- Set up chat, going over proposed timelines, identifying risks, and new APIs which require community feedback (= time intensive)

Actions for all mentors/students until end of next week:
- Migrate project plan from Google Melange to public location (GSOC wiki, Google Docs, etc). 
- Update project plan with new discussion outcomes. See "managing the plan".
- Define milestones (roughly two weekly, see below)
- Engage on the mailinglist, either discussing more refined ideas, or by directing existing discussions to a consensus.
- Get started with unit tests in SilverStripe (mentors should assist as required)

I've been asked about the granularity of milestones.
That's very dependent on how self-managing the specific student is.
I think a well defined milestone every two weeks is reasonable.
Have a look at Michal's timeline for the minimum required.
Google doesn't require any milestones other than
the mid/final evals, but its in your own interest to keep
scope and progress visible through a realistic timeline.