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Ingo Schommer Jun 10, 2010 12:37 AM
Posted in group: SilverStripe Documentation
Yeah interlinkage is a big point, particularly from API back into
highlevel topics
(we've mostly been focusing on the other way around).
I'd suggest we wait with this linkage until the restructuring is done
otherwise we'll have to fix up lots of broken links.

On the "how to customize modeladmin", I've put a TODO item in the

Martin, would you be willing to help out with smaller tasks like
up Markdown conversion errors (once we've done this, can be done file-
or going through existing user comments on to fix
smaller issues they raise? We're also interested in input on the
restructuring effort -
do the highlevel topics make sense, do you think a user is provided
a manageable learning curve after the tutorials, etc etc. :)

On Jun 10, 7:27 pm, MarijnKampf <> wrote:
> This seemed a good post to continue the discussion from your blog
> post. Thank you for looking into the documentation issues.
> I've been resorting to (mostly unanswered) forum posts for finding out
> higher level ideas of how to implement more complicated ideas.
> Especially altering the admin section is very undocumented and lacking
> examples. I can normally find a solution for code level issues.
> I concur with previous posts that I hardly ever use the search on the
> api or doc sites. I occasionally search the forums, but most of the
> time I search using Google "silverstripe ...". A good search covering
> all documentation sites would be good.
> Also what I would love to see is more interlinking between the
> different forms of documentation. For example if certain classes are
> used in a recipe, don't just link from the recipe to the API also link
> from the API to the recipe as it provides a good code use example. I
> think this is a major issue as from the API you(/I) can't easily learn
> how the classes (should) work together. Which is often complicated
> even further due to different sections of the MVC model.
> What I'm struggling with most at the moment is the first step of
> translating a high level concept into where in SilverStripe I should
> be actually looking. As I've been harping on about more examples, here
> is one: I wanted to create an XML importer and didn't know whether to
> best base it on CSVBulkLoader or RESTful as they both provide similar
> functionality. I ended up choosing CSVBulkLoader but struggled for
> hours with the ModelAdmin. The seemingly simple task of changing the
> file select input to a URL or button without resorting to editing core
> CMS files directly took me a very long time. I ended up finding a
> forum post describing how to add a delete button and used that. I
> think if there would have been better documentation and example
> available this process would have been way quicker.
> I have developed a handful of Silverstripe sites, but it could be that
> I've been struggling due to lack of knowledge / familiarity with the
> internal structure of SilverStripe.