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Re: [silverstripe-dev] Re: Improve Module and Widgets pages

Ingo Schommer Apr 15, 2012 2:47 AM
Posted in group: SilverStripe Core Development
Hello Vikas,

There is one central aspect of the project that will still need to be decided:
Should it be a separate website, or integrated as a module into the
existing codebase? This decision will have an impact on your project scope. 
I've started a separate thread on that, because its a decision beyond GSOC, really:

You didn't note anything about automated testing in your proposal.
This is a mission-critical piece of code for the whole community,
and I expect it to have a good test coverage to be written alongside
the project (not at the end). You can get started on that with 
In terms of preparing yourself for the development phase,
I would suggest that you try to contribute tests to an existing module
of your choosing (most of them have lots of untested code),
submit a pull request to that module, and demonstrate your ability here 
by linking to that pull request.

Ranking: To combat spam, I think only logged-in members should be able to rank.
Their ranking would be correlated to their account to avoid double submissions.

Comments: I would suggest we use Disqus, rather than build our own commenting system,
or use the comments module. Allows for easier moderation, and is in line with our other
commenting solutions (on and 
On the other hand, makes it a bit harder to identify "most discussed modules" etc.

Sync with Bugtrackers issue counts: I think that should be out of scope, simply because
there's so much else to do (particularly given my notes on automated testing above).

All the best