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Re: [silverstripe-dev] Re: CMS Menu Icons

Nicolaas Thiemen Francken - Sunny Side Up Aug 2, 2012 7:19 PM
Posted in group: SilverStripe Core Development
Sorry, a bit off-topic - but I hope the rant below is a welcome idea...

I would welcome an "enhancement" where any class, can have an icon associated with it...(like we do with SiteTree) - so that you can use these icons in building user-interfaces for managing data.  This would allow for a more visual experience of the CMS. 

Maybe we could allow image folders called "icons" to be automatically be added to the manifest in that any icon that matches a class name is automatically "linked" to it.  What is more, we could have variations on the icons:



and of course we apply the "default" vs "themed" concept. 

Going along this route you could open up a ModelAdmin application and see a grid of icons rather than having to select from a dropdown what DataObject you like to manage.  

Sorry, just a bit of off-topic "thinking out loud". Perhaps an idea for SS 4.0?