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Re: [GSoC 2012] Project Idea: Accessibility improvements for the CMS

François Desplanques Apr 4, 2012 2:28 PM
Posted in group: SilverStripe Core Development

Hi there !

First of all, thank you very much Ingo to take the time to answer to my post. It was really how I imagine the GSoC and I'm enjoying it :) !

About what you told me : I must say that I was a bit skeptic about WEI-ARIA. Indeed many websites says that even with this new kind of rules, some user-agents and assistive technology are not yet configured to use it. However I had underestimate his power! I read a lot about it! It is very powerfull for disabled people and it's also the future of coding style! I'm so convinced!

I've put the simple theme by following the instruction of the readme. I don't see so much changes compare to the tutorial one. Did I miss something or is it normal ?

About some points of my proposal :


I think I'll check SilverStripe code as much as possible to see if semantic is well applied. I realized that at least one label is missing and some images must not have alt attribute. Indeed, I used the « Web developer » module of firefox and I could see that if you replace some images by their attribute alt, they just disappeared. So that's only examples of what I could see by checking the code. I think it will take me quite a few time to track all of those.

More than checking, I would like to enhance with some WEI-ARIA. For example, it's possible to communicate on the menu if tabs are open or closed. There is also something to do with the drag & drop reordering. First, it can be improve with some ARIA telling people what can be grabbed and what is the 'dropeffect'. Then I think it's also needed for motion-impaired users to have another way to reorganize pages. I'm not sure yet of the best way to doing that but I'm thinking of a keyboard navigation. We have to be sure that every list, every button, every link , everything follows the WEI-ARIA and it would be to much to develop it here now.

I've also downloaded NVDA, a free screen reader. I've tested if everything is readable or not. It's quite good for the whole site but the text area needs to have some enhancement. Indeed, each button has no audio description. Moreover, if we work with the simple theme, maybe we could transform a bit. Indeed buttons could create some tags. By this way, everyone could write directly the code. Those tags would have to respect the semantic. It would be nice (and faster) if someone could explain me what method you chose to use for the textarea (in order to know how we could transform it)

-Keyboard Navigation

Another point I will develop tonight is the keyboard navigation. I thought of using more the tabindex. I also consider to use negative values with it and use programming. I mean by this that tabulation must give a quick access to the main ideas of the page, which will be done by using positive and ordered tabindex. Then, we can use negative tabindex to navigate through the details with the arrows of the keyboard.

It could also be more accesskeys. There are already two presents in the textarea but they use letters. It is more difficult to use letters because they are sometimes associated with others commands. I think we could use numbers instead. Besides, those acceskesy should be declared by some WEI-ARIA.

The aim of that is to make the whole simple theme accessible with keyboards.

I'm sorry to answer this late. I hope you will have time to read it. I must say that I'm still a student and I have class the whole day :). Now it's time for me to keep going on with the PHP coding test ^^.
Best regards,