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Re: GSOC 2012 - Improve Facebook Integration

Kamal Joshi Apr 4, 2012 3:57 AM
Posted in group: SilverStripe Core Development
Do i have to give a timeline here also as few have done?
How much time should i leave for writing documentation, unit testing etc(things that are not core to the functionality)?

Cheers, Kamal

P.S. Can i apply for two ideas within the same organisation. 

On Wednesday, April 4, 2012 7:10:40 AM UTC+5:30, xeraa wrote:
Hi Kamal,

i am still unclear on the selective post thing, is the feature of Facebook -> SS Site intended for Pages profiles more than person profiles? If it is intended for personal profiles then wouldn't we need to make a system to separate out the personal content from the content fit to be in the public site.

IMHO this should work for personal profiles, but more importantly for pages like (even though with the new timelime there doesn't seem to be much difference).
How would you filter the content for the public website from the stuff which you wouldn't want to publish? Provide an import page in the CMS where you can select what you should import and what you shouldn't?
There's no final plan for most of these questions - your input is important. Think about it, (ask if in doubt,) select the best approach, and provide arguments for your approach.
and also is the commenting system is to be replaced/enhanced(login functions) by the facebook one or should the facebook commenting system be implemented in the form of a widget so as to selectively allow the page admin to switch between the tow systems.

 My goal for FB comments:
* I want to have comments on my page (probably also DataObjects?)
* I don't want to have (too many) spam comments, so a valid user account is required
* I hate it, if I have to create an account for every single website - it would be much more convenient if I could reuse my FB account
Not sure if this is already (easily) possible with Will's module, if we want to extend SilverStripe's comment module (in SS3 this isn't part of core anymore), or if we want to use Facebook's comments as the only solution. Which one would you prefer and what are your arguments for / against it?

I hope I don't make this too complicated for you, but IMHO this isn't only about implementing something, but also about the approach.
Make assumptions and try to defend them - we'll probably discuss them later on and might find a different solution, but I want to encourage you to do more than simply implement something I tell you to ;-). And don't be afraid to do anything "wrong" - it's about an idea we want to form...