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Re: GSoC 2012: C3 Commons - PhD project

Shelly Grist Mar 24, 2012 4:47 PM
Posted in group: SilverStripe Core Development
Hi Philip,

No offense at all.  I definitely understand your points.  In response:

1) I think my spec for the Muti Blog module could have a broad user base.  Functionality wise anyone with BLOG_MGMT/ADMIN permission would be able to post to it, which I believe is what the current version provides.  What it would also provide is the ability to restrict postings to the Member Author.  The differences lie more in the implementation.  I envision a site with only a few moderators with BLOG_MGMT permissions, but with each member having their own personal Blog.  Implementation wise it may be possible to also support the current functionality.
   The Publications module does have some very specific requirements, but at a higher level its basically allowing people to add a DataObject to a public/private repository and add metacontent.  Members can then tag it, review it, ask or answer questions about it.  The DataObject could be a Publication (my specific use case) or it could be a Movie, a Book, an Event or a Restaurant.  The particulars lie in the specific use case.  I think it would be possible to create a generic module which users could then expand upon (with good instructions and an example or two).

2) As you say, since I'm planning on doing this work anyway and making it open source why apply for GSoC?  I'll be equally open and say my primary motivation was the opportunity to have a mentor.

Despite having worked through Ingo and Steven's book and yours (I'm assuming) I'm struggling a bit with some of my architecture choices.  Most of my site doesn't seem to fit within the examples from the books or the tutorials. Or maybe I'm just not looking at it the right way.  That's certainly possible.

Some of SSBits tutorials - DataObjects instead of Pages - seem to apply but I'd really like to have someone to bounce my questions off of.  I posted to the Blog Module forum and sent an email but haven't received a response yet. 

I understand that the GSoC positions are limited.  If someone was willing to mentor me (without short changing their GSoC student, of course) I'd be happy to match the Mentor fee that Google pays.

Thanks, Shelly

On Sunday, March 25, 2012 6:18:08 AM UTC+10, xeraa wrote:
Hi Shelly,

While I like your project ideas, there are 2 questions / problems I can see (I'm pretty outspoken here, don't take this personal):

1) Your modules seem to be very specific. How can you make this relevant to a broad user basis? The number of positions Google grants are limited, so we'll select the projects with the biggest impact for SilverStripe and its users.

2) You're already working on your PhD and have stated, that you want to open source the results once you're finished. So what are we gaining from your project if you're doing and releasing it in any case?