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Re: [silverstripe-dev] We need help to update our tutorials to 3.0 APIs and the new default theme

Andy Adiwidjaja Apr 17, 2012 4:39 PM
Posted in group: SilverStripe Core Development
Hey Ingo and Cam,

sorry that I was so slow in responding and working, this is the first week I can work on this topic again. I think we have to work in incremental steps: 

1. Make the tutorial work for 3.0 (remove wrong and deprecated stuff, make use of simple theme, work on the issues on the ticket)
2. Make better use of the core concepts
3. Add features, do things differently

For example I think it is necessary to introduce a DropdownField in tutorial 2 but this is level 2. I think it is better to use the child theme stuff but this is level 3. I will try to push the level 1 work on every tutorial in the next days.

I reviewed Cam's version of tutorial 1 and everything works.

I have completed my first edit on tutorial 2:

Any feedback is welcome, I have some technical questions:
- How should I merge Cam's changes into my fork? I tried a git merge, but this leads to a "merge commit". Or should we both make separated pull requests?
- Tutorial 2 sets the icons in the cms. Should I copy these icons from the tutorial theme to the simple theme? Or to the docs-folder?
- Is the usage of DataObject::get_one still correct? In this case it is not needed at all but I will think about a better use of the datamodel-api later.

@Cam: I will continue with tutorial 4.

@Ingo: Maybe we could couple tutorial 3 and 5 by implementing student applications as the form example? As we have to rewrite tutorial 5 completely - maybe we should implement a completely different application like the job board example in the book?



Am Montag, 16. April 2012 10:07:02 UTC+2 schrieb Ingo Schommer:
Hey Cam and Andi, how's the tutorial rewrite coming along?
You know that you can split up and just work on different tutorials at the same time, right? :)
I've written up a ticket with some further details:

That was done by quickly browsing through the tutorials, but looking forward to
your suggestions how we can demonstrate the core concepts more effectively -
we don't have to rigidly follow every code example from the old tutorials
if it doesn't make sense any more in 3.0. One example is tutorial 5:
It should really use ModelAdmin to show off GridField (formerly ComplexTableField),
because its such a popular feature in SilverStripe.