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GSOC 2012

Vivek Mar 23, 2012 9:12 AM
Posted in group: SilverStripe Core Development
I am Vivek and i am studying engineering in IIT Delhi and i really appreciate the whole cms system 
system put together by silverstripe. Its simple and resiient. But i found the project
regarding Improvement of silverstripe Modules and widgets page prety interesting and important. The modules and widgets page
can indeed be made more compact. Search results can be more optimised so that people see the relevant results. Another good 
addition could be the display of keywords that are most frequently searched. this would further optimise the search and make it 

A filter by categories which includes something like latest, most downloaded and most relevant would be a great addition and it
is used in many cms like wordpress which makes the search a better experience.

Users can also rate and comment a module and bring out compatibility related issues which 
can help other users a great deal. I have sm basic idea of how the page should look like but i got
my college mid terms right now. So i am not able to put in that much time into research right now.
But i can assure you i will get down to designing the basic layout and functionality as soon as i am done
with my exams.

I have worked with wordpress before and have a good knowledge about front end javascript,html and css
am also prety comfortable with php and mysql. 
I would be really glad if the mentors could guide me and tell me where i go wrong. I am always open to learning and