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Re: [silverstripe-dev] Datefield i18n sorrow

Martimiz Sep 18, 2012 2:11 AM
Posted in group: SilverStripe Core Development
Hi Ingo,
Zend_Date deals with ISO date formats, but the underlying
data is in CLDR date format. They're 99% the same, but not fully. Yay.
Yes, I saw that one. In fact there seems to be only a limited range of Date constants that work with Zend and jQuery and can be persuaded to validate.

In this case, I opted to silently fail if the file is not available, and fall back to english.
Might just be a documentation issue on DateField.php?

I don't think so: Zends' isDate() function will then check the jQuery en version against its own current locale locale values, so only numeric dates will ever validate. 

The easiest way I see to achieve this is to globally use Zend's "short" format,
which should be all numeric in most cases. We can then add a tutorial
describing how to correctly configure longer date formats in the CMS.
Users can set their own date formats (incl. month name abbreviations)
in their preferences - in the light of those changes, we might need
to put a warning label on the field (or remove it altogether).

Wow! Don't remove it - I still want it, and seeing the amount of questions on the forums, others do too :)  
By Zend shortdate, do you mean DATE_SHORT  = 'FF'? Because that format isn't recognised by the DatePicker, nor are (most of?) the other full or ISO-xxx dates. Using a format like 'MM dd yyyy' works fine and people can change it at will. 

Maybe we just need to add our own $.datepicker.regional overrides in DateField.js,
and make sure they match the Zend ones exactly? (and ensure they're loaded after the jQUI defaults).
That still leaves manual entry susceptible to case-sensitive validation, but its a start.

That's what I was thinking of. It isn't very hard to set up some localization files, at least for some of the most common languages for the DatePicker and have them match Zend. Then we could add some locale dependent settings to tackle the ucword issue and maybe set the locale to en_US if a localization file cannot be found.  Next a small tutorial could explain how people can create/contribute their own?

Martine, I'm unlikely to have much time for this in the next weeks.
Given that you're already so deep in the matter,
do you want to make a start on that tutorial (or improving the existing docs),
and/or the datepicker overrides?

I've a couple of hours available and I'd like to try and come up with a working solution like the one above first. For the time being I've written up an overview on my blog ( If I get this working, I'll do the tutorial afterwards.