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Re: [serval-project-dev] Getting start

Lasitha Wattaladeniya Feb 22, 2012 5:28 AM
Posted in group: Serval Project Developers
Hi corey, 

I opened the project in Eclipse and set the required settings ( as I know, eg: external builders and all ) and when I try to build the project I get this error, 

/home/lasitha/workshop2/servalproject-batphone-b2bac75/build.xml:55: taskdef class cannot be found
 using the classloader AntClassLoader[]

So I gave it up and shifted to command line built, Seems like it turned in to even worst scenario, I followed all the steps on the wiki and I got stuck at step 4.a . The command "android" is not recognized. That's the situation and please help me because I'm really passionate about this project. 

thank you.