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RE: [selenium-users] Need help with getting prebuild iedriver with debugging symbols

Mark Collin Apr 5, 2012 4:52 AM
Posted in group: Selenium Users

Don’t test IE in Linux.


It’s unsupported, it won’t tell you anything as a wine emulated version of IE does not work in the same way as a real IE and generally is completely pointless.


Instead create a windows VM you can run in your linux box and test IE on the windows VM


From: [] On Behalf Of Qian Hong
Sent: 04 April 2012 08:40
Subject: [selenium-users] Need help with getting prebuild iedriver with debugging symbols




I'm new to Selenium, and I'm considering using selenium to automate the testing for Wine builtin iexplore.

When I try Wine selenium + iexplore, I get a crash which has been reported as Wine Bug 30353. In order

to debug on it I need the debugging symbols of selenium,  however, as a Linux user I have no building

Environment for Win32 iedriver, I've search on the web but no result.


Is there any where I could download a prebuild iedriver with debugging symbols?

Or does anyone here could help?


Thanks in advance!


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