Google Groups inconsistency problems

Lawrence Woodman Jul 16, 2011 10:30 PM
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I have been looking further at and find the layout
to be very odd and was wondering what others thought?

The first problem is illustrated well with the 'interactionCount' property of  This property is specified as Text and the note gives
examples of text such as '5 UserComments', But points to
where the examples use the format: 'UserComments: 78'.  So the plain text examples are using
different formatting. 

The second problem is that is a vocabulary which has
various specific types such as:  But it does not seem at all
obvious which property is meant to hold the value for this.  The examples are no help as
they completely ignore that UserInteraction, et al are vocabularies and just specify plain
text examples for the 'interactionCount' property of an Article.

I think UserInteraction, would be better if it had properties for UserBlocks, UserComments, etc
This would be far more consistent with the rest of the vocabularies and would look similar in many
ways to

Has anyone else noticed this problem or got any further insight into its current use and how it could
be improved?

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