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SIP Comittee - Preliminary Votes

Josh Suereth Apr 4, 2012 3:08 PM
Posted in group: scala-sips
The provisional results of the SIP committee are in for the current pending SIPS.  The website has been updated with the provisional voting status of each SIP.  When final action occurs, SIPS will be moved into their new locations. (pending, accepted or rejected).

  Before displaying the results, attached is the process description from [].

  What is the provisonal voting status
  When a release is drawing near, the SIP committee will hold on provisonal vote on pending SIPs.  This vote places sips in one of the current status:

  * `Accepted` - The SIP will be included in the next release, pending an acceptable implementation.
  * `Deferred` - The committee has concerns that need to be addressed in the SIP before inclusion in the Release.   If the concerns are handled before the next release, the SIP will be re-evaluated.
  * `Postponed` - The SIP comittee has larger concerns with the state of the SIP and would prefer to wait until a later Scala release to consider inclusion.
  * `Not Accepted` - The SIP comittee feels the SIP is not needed for the Scala language and turns down the proposal, with an explanation of why.

  What happens for a Scala major release?
  Before a Scala release, the committee will make a final decision for each SIP whether it should be accepted, rejected, or delayed for the next release. Accepted SIPs will be rolled into an upcoming Scala release and placed in the accepted folder.  Rejected SIPs will be left in the SIP repository under the "rejected sips" section.  Delayed SIPs will remain pending.

  And without further ADO, the voting status on each sip:

  SIP-11 - String Interpolation
  This SIP is in `Accepted` status currently.  We expect a SIP for 2.11 that will allow the desugared form of interpolated strings in the pattern matcher to become valid syntax. This SIP only allows the sugared interpolated strings to work.

  SIP-12 Uncluttering Scala’s syntax for control structures
  This SIP is in `Postponed` status currently, with the current action for 2.10

  * Deprecate `then` in identifiers to reserve for future keyword status.
  * Deprecate problematic `while() do` syntax.  (`do` loops in while loops require braces).

  SIP-13 - Implicit classes
  This SIP is in `Accepted` status currently.  Pending an acceptable implementation.

  SIP-14 - Futures and Promises
  This SIP is in `Accepted` status currently.

  SIP-15 - Value Classes
  This is in `Accepted` status.  There is concern for numerical computing.  We think future SIP(s), using work from SIP-15, can provide more benefit to
  numerical computing users.   The SIP as it exists benefits all users of implicit enrichment classes, and takes us much further to unboxed high performance code.
  This SIP does not exclude further work towards improving numerical computing in Scala.

  SIP-16 - Self-cleaning Macros
  This is in `Postponed` status, but experimental implemntation expected for 2.10.  Additionally the following actions will occur in 2.10:

  * Deprecate the use of `macro` in identifiers.

  SIP-17 - Type Dynamic
  This is in `Accept` status.

  SIP-18 - Modularizing Language Features
  This is in `Accept` status, pending implementation.  Let the record show Paul is against it.

  SIP-19 - Source Locations
  This is `Not Accepted` status; we expect this to be easily implemented using macro’s without going through a full SIP.

  Thanks to everyone who's been contributing to the SIP process!  Please continue to help us improve Scala.

  - The SIP Comittee
    * Martin Odersky
    * Paul Philips
    * Adriaan Moors
    * Josh Suereth

Special thanks to Heather Miller for keeping the website awesome.