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SOAP request timeouts in app, works if done on console or copy pasted in SOAPUI

Jokke Heikkilä Apr 13, 2012 3:36 AM
Posted in group: Savon
I've got SOAP request that creates an invoice on receiving end. It has possible attachment base64 encoded inside the soap body thus the request can be a bit 'fat'. I'm having a problem of timeouting the request when there is a attachment. The strange part is that if I create the soap request on rails console there's no problems or networks hangs (the SOAP request I create on console is copy pasted straight from the application code). What could affect this and how could I debug this more?

Also, when the request timeouts with attachment, if I copy the request from the STDOUT and paste it inside SOAPUI and fire away, the request goes through without any problem.