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Re: [sage-support] Importing Cython .so module

Emil Apr 7, 2012 4:06 AM
Posted in group: sage-support
On 7 April 2012 01:14, Maarten Derickx <> wrote:
> Does executing:
> import foo
> give what you want or is your problem different?

import foo doesn't do much, as foo/ is empty. I have
adopted the Sage-like behaviour of having an "" file which has
"from bar import *" statements.

The issue is that contains lines like:

from bazz import *
from bar import *

For some reason, the line corresponding to the file imports
things into the top-level of the name space, rather than as I can't find anything in the Cython docs or anywhere
else about how to stop this. The Sage Cython modules seem to be
imported into the correct places in the namespace hierarchy, so it
must be possible...