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Re: keyboard shortcuts

Jason Grout Jul 18, 2009 1:25 PM
Posted in group: sage-support
Chris Chiasson wrote:
> I just want to add that I (eventually) found the following keyboard
> shortcuts I was looking for in another thread on the developer's list
> and that they should probably be added under the notebook section of
> the page shown at:
> Here are the shortcuts I was looking for:
> Create new cell (actually it splits cells, but whatever): Ctrl + Enter
> Delete cell (actually it merges cells): Ctrl + Backspace
> Evaluate cell (already knew this one from Mathematica): Shift + Enter
> --

Thanks for pointing out a place in the docs that should be improved.
These shortcuts (and others) are also documented in the page that comes
up when you click "Help" in the upper right corner of the notebook.
Maybe the tutorial should just say to read that page, if it doesn't already?


Jason Grout