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Stepping down as maintainer

jnicklas Jul 10, 2012 8:36 AM
Posted in group: Evergreen
Hello everyone,

This has been de-facto true for a long time, but I'm hereby sort of officially stepping down as maintainer of Evergreen.

My reasons are:

1) I no longer believe that Jasmine is the future of testing JavaScript
2) I no longer believe that tying JavaScript unit tests to the DOM is a good idea
3) Where tests against the DOM are necessary, jsdom has become sufficiently competent, obviating the need for running the tests in an actual browser
4) Evergreen has poor support for the Rails asset pipeline. Supporting the asset pipeline would take a major rewriting effort.
5) For those seeking something like Evergreen, Konacha ( offers a compelling alternative, which integrates nicely with the asset pipeline and uses the mocha testing framework which is far superior to Jasmine in my opinion.

In summary: I feel that Evergreen is no longer useful to me, I have a lot of other projects which divert my time, I believe there are better alternatives out there today which offer a nicer alternative.

Maybe someone else will feel that Evergreen as a project deserves the chance to live on, in that case, I will transfer ownership of the project to you. If no one steps up, I will change the README to reflect that the project is unmaintained and I will close the issue tracker on GitHub. This group will continue to be open for the time being.

I hope that you all understand this decision and that we can all continue to move the world of JavaScript testing forward. I want to send a personal thank you to all contributors who made this project possible.