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Re: March 2012 Meeting - New Location!

Mike Huffaker Mar 23, 2012 6:14 AM
Posted in group: Richmond Software Craftsmanship Group
I'll bring the Arduino board then.  Programming Arduino is just like C
programming.  I've been using my Mac to program it, but I should be
able to get it to work with a Windows XP laptop I have that I can
bring along.

I would be interested to learn more about Netduino and what is
different about it.


On Mar 23, 8:58 am, Steve Presley <> wrote:
> I've also got some gadgeteer and netduino boards I can demo to contrast
> with doing embedded development in c#
> From: Mike Huffaker
> Sent: 3/23/2012 8:34 AM
> To: Richmond Software Craftsmanship Group
> Subject: Re: March 2012 Meeting - New Location!
> Is anyone in the group interested in or using Arduino?  I have an
> Arduino board and I've done a couple simple projects with it.
> I could bring it, if anyone else wants to see what Arduino is.
> Mike
> On Mar 23, 8:06 am, Justin Etheredge <> wrote:
> > Hello everyone! Please respond to this e-mail so that I know you're coming
> > (let me know if you're not going to eat pizza)!
> > The RSCG is coming back this month, our second meeting of the year will be
> > next Thursday March 29th at Snagajob's new offices in Innsbrook. The
> > meeting location is:
> > 4851 Lake Brook Drive, Glen Allen, VA
> > I haven't been over there to see the layout, so I can't tell you guys where
> > everything will be at just yet. We will try to put up signs and I'll
> > hopefully get to send an e-mail out with more details later.
> > This month's meeting topic is going to be open, so please bring topics that
> > you would like the group to discuss. Remember, this means news topics,
> > technology topics, difficult problems you are trying to solve, things you
> > want to show off, etc... Please bring something, the quality of the
> > meetings depends on the group!
> > Hope to see you all there!
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