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Re: Selenium Testing for Web Applications which contains Java Applets.

Pekka Klärck Apr 25, 2012 11:40 PM
Posted in group: robotframework-users
2012/4/26 Yash Rajpurohit <>:
> I've a Web Application which contains Java Applets within the HTML page of
> Browser. 2-3 Java Applets can be active at the same time within different
> frames. Is there any way I can use Robot-framework and for that matter
> Selenium for automating the tests?

AFAIK you can only use Selenium to test that the page has those
applets and verify certain HTML attributes of the embedded objects.
Actually interacting with applets using Selenium is not possible.

If you can run those applets also as normal Java programs, you should
be able to test them independently using SwingLibrary [1]. We have
investigated that it ought to be possible to extend the library to
test applets directly too, but nobody has had time and interest to
look at it more deeply.


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