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Re: "+1" plus "+1" = 2

Johan Björk Feb 5, 2012 9:21 AM
Posted in group: Repo and Gerrit Discussion

I've done some experimentation with the prolog rules in gerrit today
and one of the things I implemented was the 1+1 = 2 rule.

Here is some notes from the session + rules for the 1+1=2.
Gerrit 2.2 Prolog rules

First off, this is the result of a couple of hours of experimenting,
so expect potentially incorrect information.
Shawn, please correct me if I'm making some invalid assumptions.

Gerrit 2.2 now supports special submit rules written in prolog. You
can enable it for a project by checking out the refs/meta/config
branch and pushing a file called ''.

 git clone <your project>
 git fetch origin refs/meta/config
 git checkout -b config FETCH_HEAD
 git add ; git commit...
 git push origin config:refs/meta/config

Each project can have their own together with a submit_rule
predicate. It seems you can also have a submit_filter predicate that
takes in the previously set results and modify them, ie, in
all-projects or something like that, but I haven't tested that.

The submit_rule takes one 'argument' and you need to fill it in with
the form submit(label(name,status),label(name,status),...)
You can name the labels anything you want, but if your users should be
able to score them, they need to be created in the database like the
old review categories. (Anyone know if that is correct?)

I haven't found a way to set a review-score through the prolog
scripts, nor a good way to communicate to users, but I guess it's not
really intended for that.

So what can you do? Lots of data is exposed: commit message, all the
files that have been modified, author, etc etc. This is pretty well
documented in the 2.2.2 release notes.

*Warning*: Once you create a file, the old legacy rules will
not be used!

== Example 1+1 = 2 ==
The rule allows submit if the accumulated score of the review is at
least 2. Ie, one +2 or two +1's.

%% Allow submit if there is a total of +2 in review 'scores' (accumulative)
%% This file is an example to learn about prolog submit checkers
:- package user.

%% Result returned from submit_label should be something like
%% submit(label(name,status),label(name,status),...)
%% Status can be either ok(_), reject(_), need(_) or impossible(_)
%% ok() and reject() takes a user id as their argument, but I dont
know how that is used.

sum_list([], 0).
sum_list([H | Rest], Sum) :- sum_list(Rest,Tmp), Sum is H + Tmp.

check_min_label(Category, Min,  P) :-
findall(X, gerrit:commit_label(label(Category,X),_),Z),
sum_list(Z, Sum),
( Sum >= Min -> P =.. [label,Category,ok(Who)]
 ; P =.. [label,Category,need(Min)]

% This is the function that will be invoked by gerrit. We call the
check_plus2 function and returns a function submit(...)
% which gerritalways expects. (See
submit_rule(P) :- check_min_label('Code-Review', 2, HasPlusTwo),
P =.. [submit, HasPlusTwo].

=== How to test ===
Upload a change for review, then keep pushing changes to
until it does what you want. A simple re-load on the project page will
directly use the updated

(There is a built-in interpreter, but I haven't been able to properly
load both together with a (Shawn?). I did
manage to test rules locally by adding
%Test submit_rule
x_can_submit(SubmitRule, S) :-
  Tmp =.. [submit | Ls],
  ( is_all_ok(Ls) -> S = ok(Tmp), ! ; S = not_ready(Tmp) ).

is_all_ok([label(_, ok(__)) | Ls]) :- is_all_ok(Ls).
is_all_ok(_) :- fail.
to my

but that won't work once you try to use the gerrit builtin predicates.

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 11:43 AM, Markus Stauffiger <> wrote:
> Ok, thank both of you for your tipps! :)
> On 2 Feb., 18:09, Martin Fick <> wrote:
>> On Thursday, February 02, 2012 06:42:56 am marksta wrote:
>> > Dear gerrit group
>> > We would like to give every developer review permissions
>> > for +1 and I would like gerrit to merge as soon as there
>> > are two +1.
>> I think that if you made the CR category only range up to
>> +1, then you could remove submit from all users except for a
>> special hook user, and then make the comment-added hook
>> perform the submit when it sees the second +1.
>> -Martin
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