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newbie questions - aosp mirror as project in gerrit: How is it possible to save the uploaded changes to mirror before resync of the mirror

Asi Mugrabi Apr 30, 2012 9:34 AM
Posted in group: Repo and Gerrit Discussion
Hi All,

I have a couple of basic questions.
We (My team and I) would like to be able to download aosp to our local machine, work on platform/frameworks, make,  upload our changes to review server side and be able to update aosp on the review server side without losing our changes.
I used gerrit.  As basePath I set an android mirror (repo init -u --mirror)
Now we can repo init from our server side and repo upload indeed uploads the changes.
But the problem is : repo sync on the server on aosp mirror deletes our merged changes. What is wrong here?
Are we working correctly?
Is there an accepted way to work on aosp using gerrit? i.e. can mirror be used to repo upload commits?

Thank you kindly