Google Groups is now a 100% Redis Site

Eric Pickup Feb 15, 2012 5:57 PM
Posted in group: Redis DB
I just want to let the devs know that relaunched two weeks
ago with Redis as our primary database.  With @100 million page views
per day, our cluster of Redis slaves are handling over 300k queries
per second.

After the switchover we had to add some additional Redis nodes but not
because Redis was overworked but because the network cards couldn't
keep up with Redis.

Everyone involved has been more than impressed with Redis'

All reads come from Redis;  we are maintaining MySQL just to allow us
to build new sorted sets as our requirement change.

I'm going to be doing the keynote a major Canadian tech conference
( about the rewrite and one of the major topics
will be Redis and how much it helped us.

Do you guys have a logo that would look good on a white background?  I
want to make you guys stand out.

Thanks for the great software!