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Re: is now a 100% Redis Site

Haoran Chen Feb 16, 2012 3:23 AM
Posted in group: Redis DB
Amazing! Can't wait for your slide.
How many nodes are you using? As I know, use 200+ nodes to

On Feb 16, 9:57 am, Eric Pickup <> wrote:
> I just want to let the devs know that relaunched two weeks
> ago with Redis as our primary database.  With @100 million page views
> per day, our cluster of Redis slaves are handling over 300k queries
> per second.
> After the switchover we had to add some additional Redis nodes but not
> because Redis was overworked but because the network cards couldn't
> keep up with Redis.
> Everyone involved has been more than impressed with Redis'
> performance.
> All reads come from Redis;  we are maintaining MySQL just to allow us
> to build new sorted sets as our requirement change.
> I'm going to be doing the keynote a major Canadian tech conference
> ( about the rewrite and one of the major topics
> will be Redis and how much it helped us.
> Do you guys have a logo that would look good on a white background?  I
> want to make you guys stand out.
> Thanks for the great software!
> ~Eric