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Re: [ANN: Command Assassin] - New Redcar Plugin

Eric Anderson Feb 5, 2012 4:19 PM
Posted in group: Redcar
On Feb 2, 1:16 am, Daniel Lucraft <> wrote:
> Nice plugin. I like the horrific nature of your monkey patching to make it work :)

Ha! Part of me says, damn that codes is scary and fragile. The other
part of me loves that Ruby lets me do it anyway. In Java it would be,
sorry no luck.

> I saw you were/are a scribes user. I really liked scribes and was somewhat inspired by it back when I started Redcar. In terms of minimalism, I've tried to keep Redcar clutter's down. One way we're different: I find a toolbar a much more useless appendage than an extensive menu, and never have the toolbar on when I'm working in Redcar.

Yea, first thing I did was disable the toolbar in Redcar. I added
toolbar support in Command Assassin to hide items from the toolbar
since it was easy to do but I don't use it myself. I just hide the
entire thing. Scribes puts the main menu as a "right click menu" and
the toolbar auto-hides. So most of the time you have nothing but code.
I think hiding the toolbar in Redcar and having a plugin that will
move the main menu to a right-click menu will give me that "nothing
but code" focus.

> Are there any other ideas from Scribes you think we should draw inspiration from?

I am interesting in making Redcar less tab-focused as I find tabs
somewhat clunky after you get more than a few files open.  Check out
this video to see a good argument against tabs by the creator of

My Tab Autohide plugin hides tabs if not needed. I also want to make a
plugin so that if a file is opened (via Open or Open Recent) then it
will open in a new window instead of a new tab.

Overall I am loving Redcar. I love that it is cross platform. It's
architecture makes it easy to customize. The fact that it is built in
Ruby means if the plugin system is not flexible enough I can do monkey-
patching to force my will on it. Really great product.