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Dont know if the kinect is fully working...

therealfake Apr 26, 2012 10:26 AM
Posted in group: ReconstructMe
Hi there. I´m trying to run ReconstructMe in windows 7 x32, with a GEFORCE GT330M and a Kinect Xbox 360, and Im finding I cant run the realtime command. This is the log:

[2012/04/26 19:18:44.316645][info   ] Welcome to ReconstructMe
[2012/04/26 19:18:44.328646][info   ] Running 0.4.0-278
[2012/04/26 19:18:44.333646][info   ]
[2012/04/26 19:18:44.338646][info   ] Licensed for non-commercial purposes only.
[2012/04/26 19:18:44.353647][info   ] See 'License of ReconstructMe.txt'
[2012/04/26 19:18:44.366648][info   ]
[2012/04/26 19:18:47.216811][error  ] THROWING EXCEPTION: Throw in function (unknown)
Dynamic exception type: class LibFundament::robvis_error
std::exception::what: No OpenCL compatible device found
[struct LibFundament::tag_robvis_condition *] = !devs.empty()
[struct LibFundament::tag_robvis_message *] = No OpenCL compatible device found

Then I have to press any letter and its gone. I´ve followed all the instalation guides and I´m almost sure I did everything allright.

Apart from that, the thing is that I´ve been able to record something, through the Start ReconstructMe Record OpenNI command. So, I´m not sure if the kinect is fully working here or if the problem is anywhere else.

Can you help me? Thanks!