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Kohn Jan 3, 2007 10:57 AM
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>From Ben's earlier post:

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As developed over the years, through a combination of trial-and-error,
professional advice, and scientific literature...
For a typical 2-day, weekend tournament, and assuming your goals are to

play your best ultima all weekend, and peak on Sunday afternoon.

Monday/Tuesday: Protein Loading
     Why: Body cycles protein slower than other food constituents.
loading allows storage of long-term energy.
     What to Eat: 3/4 meals per day, with at least one meal being
a main protein source (meat, eggs, tofu). Better if two meals focus on
protein. Avoiding fat is nice, but no more necessary than any other
Omelette for breakfast, chicken or fish for dinner will do it, as long
everything else is balanced.
     When this will help: Throughout the weekend, but primarily after
burning through daily reserves. Think "second-wind" on Saturday/Sunday

Wednesday/Thursday: Vitamin Loading
     Why: Body processes require vitamins to function. These cycle more

quickly than protein, but can still be stockpiled during the week.
     What to Eat: At least one large, complex salad each day. Focus
here is
on eating balanced meals that will allow intake of excess vitamins and
minerals. Drink a smoothie. Balance the other food groups, make sure
get some protein (especially because you will likely be recovering from
practice or workout on 3-4 of these days). Steam, don't boil, your
vegetables...and drink the juice. A Vit C pill isn't a bad idea. Garlic
     When this will help: Any injury or illness you pick up over the
weekend needs to be fought off quickly, which your body is fully able
to do
given the right materials. Saturday night you body will heal as fast as
allow it to through what you eat on these days.

Thursday Night/Friday: Carbo Loading
    Why: The levels of enzymes that use carbohydrates to make energy
can be
raised by intaking large carbohydrate meals, and this will also store
energy in the short term in sugar form.
    What to Eat: At least one full meal of a carbohydrate like bread,
pasta, or rice. The more "hippie" it is, the better, meaning go for
whole-grain instead of bleached white. Keep balanced meals. Get more
fluids to help digest (and to hydrate). Keep hydrated, but DO NOT drink

gallons and gallons of water solely. This throws your mineral/water
balance out of whack just as much as losing all of your water.
pounding salt-water mixes helped a former team of mine. Hyperhydration
a serious threat in hot temperatures: it manifests as the same symptoms
dehydration (cause the same water/mineral imbalance is happening) or as

heat exhaustion except without the raised body temperature.
    When this will help: Your maximum stored energy will be on
and this might give you an extra boost in terms of energy usage.

Saturday Morning: Pre-Game Meal
    Why: You are about to play 4 games. You must have fuel.
    What to Eat: A mix of carbohydrates, simple sugars, and protein.
Fruits/vegetables will help keep mineral levels high, but right now you

are mostly concerned with energy for the day. Pancakes/waffles make for

good carbohydrate energy. Do not neglect protein, though- fats and
proteins make for longer energy throughout the day. No sense in
after game #1. This is why Sausage Mcmuffiins and the like are more
just a humorous choice- they actually give a pretty good spread of
protein, and fat.
    Those with "weak" stomachs will want to eat at least an hour before
hit the field to allow digestion and give blood that localizes to the
stomach time to spread back out. This requires, of course, that you get

On-Field Meals: Recovery and Fueling
     On the field, you need a mix of fluids and food. Quick energy like

"Goo" is great when you have to have it now, but if you can, try to eat

immediately following games, to maximize digestion. Drink sports drinks
something similar to keep water/mineral levels high. Get some protein:
sausage or Clif Bars are good for fat/protein intake. A head of lettuce

(green) is basically like eating a cup of water with a vitamin pill in
Pickles, a tried and true favorite, are great for salt (minerals) and
vitamins from the vegetable. Drink more.
     Do not allow yourself to EVER feel hungry on the field. Hunger
lead to your body pulling resources back for safety, leading to lowered

energy availability. Eat before you are hungry.

Saturday Night Meal: Recovery Mode
     One day down, one to go. You need to heal all the damage you have
and maximize your chances of waking up Sunday feeling good.
     Eat soon after playing. Cagging at the field is fun, but you have
90-minute "glycogen window" after exercise in which to replace sugars,
else the body will start to break itself down to feed metabolism. If
dinner is going to take a while, eat something right then, to stave off

the breakdown.
     Eat a balanced meal. You need some of everything to maximize your
recovery: minerals, vitamins, protein, carbs. A big plate of Mexican
gives a great mix of resources. Indian food is good. Saltworks II is
optimum. Drink water and sports drinks.

Hope something in there can help.