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Re: Bach for Children?

e7m Jan 21, 2011 10:25 AM
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On Jan 21, 10:26 am, "Tom K." <> wrote:
> "LJS"  wrote in message
> On Jan 19, 9:24 am, Daniel Schorr <> wrote:
> > HI
> > I was wondering if anyone in this group knows of any pieces or
> > compilations of JS Bach's music that would be relatively easy (and
> > fun) for children to play.This is for my guitar students, but any
> > pieces that are relatively easy, and easy to adapt to guitar) will do.
> > I will probably have to go through his works myself and select some
> > stuff, but figured I might try to pick the collective brain of RMT
> > before starting on that journey.
> > Thanks,
> > Danny
> didn't he write for... what was her name? Anna Marie Albergetti or
> something like that? I seem to remember that he wrote for some
> beginner. Maybe someone can remember the name I am thinking of?
> You're probably thinking of the "Notebook for Anna Magdalena".  There were
> actually 2 and the 2nd (from 1725, IIRC) would probably be suitable for
> Danny as it contains "popular" easy pieces such as the March in D Major.
> But be aware it is a compilation and includes works of other composers as
> well as J.S. Bach.  While the works are for keyboard, many should be easily
> adaptable for guitar.
> Tom

lol, Thanks Tom. that is exactly the one. Albergetti was a soprano
that I played with a long time ago. I just couldn't remember inbetween
classes when I jotted down a reply.

Good to hear from both you and Danny. So much crap in this group
lately! its getting hard to keep up with the deletes.