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Re: JuggleSim 2.0

Adrian G May 25, 2012 9:30 PM
Posted in group: rec.juggling
Warren wrote:
> libmono-system-windows-forms and the packages that it needed.
> Nah...just basic linux knowledge required...just had to use the Ubuntu Soft=
> ware Center and search for that package and tell it to install it.
> The focus problem I am talking about is when I hit enter after typing in a =
> siteswap the focus jumps to the animation window and I can no longer type i=
> n any siteswaps until I click back into that text field. Probably working a=
> s designed it just was a pain, because I guess I like to hit enter when I f=
> inish typing in my siteswap. :-)
> cheers - Warren

OK, I've added those instructions to the website for Linux installation,
thanks :)

No, that wasn't meant to be quite like that, it was a difference between .NET
and Mono. With .NET, calling focus on the child window just brought it to the
front, but with Mono it transferred the focus over completely. It was easy to
fix so I've fixed that up and have uploaded the latest version.

The latest version also supports natural patterns of form '4b shower' as well
as the current '4 ball shower' as per CamStradeski's suggestion. And I also
fixed a couple of minor bugs.

Keep the suggestions coming please!! it's good to know what I should be
changing/fixing. :)



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