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Re: Fatheads, Radical Fish, and PX3s

Little Paul Aug 6, 2012 8:52 AM
Posted in group: rec.juggling
On 2012-08-06, DavidCain <> wrote:
> What are the changes?

I'll assume that was aimed at me, even though you replied to your own post
instead of mine ;-)

They changed the moulds and manufacturing process for fish in 2000, partly
because the old moulds were worn but partly (some would say largely) to
cut costs.

The easiest way to spot the difference is to look at the moulding line on
the body of the club.  Pre-2000 the seam goes around the bulge, post-2000
the seam goes along the body of the club.

There are also differences in the proportions, the thickness/quality of the
plastic used, the weight distribution, the diameter of the handles and (iir)
the shape of the knobs/ends.

I guess it depends if you're aiming for completeness or just a representation
of a different shape.

Talking of fish - does anyone know when they were first manufactured? The
earliest reference I've found to them is from 1992 and it seems to imply
that they'd been around for a few years by then.

> BTW, did you get the first round of pictures I emailed you?

I did get the first batch of photos, thanks!  I've been meaning to reply to
your email to tell you just how jealous I am of some of the "celebrity"
items! :)

I might have a slightly more obscure club (the Freaks Acrobat) spare that
I could send your way.  It's a notable club as being the first model of
club to have a plastic dowel, more than 10 years before the PX3 came out.

If I can find it (and it is indeed spare, and the shipping isn't too crazy)
would you be interested?

I doubt many of them made it over to the USA, they were a very British thing.