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Re: JuggleHub Released

Niall Kelly May 14, 2012 5:20 PM
Posted in group: rec.juggling
Niall Kelly wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> The JuggleHub has now been released!  You can now visit and
> use the web interface for reading and posting to rec.jugging.   Its possible
> to login with Google, Facebook and Twitter, or you can create a JuggleHub
> account.
> Some features:
> Threads are categorisable, and articles can be marked as spam by admins.
> Instant search within categories.
> You can claim existing rec.juggling posts so that they appear in your profile.
> Youtube videos are embedded in the article display.
> A playlist of your youtube videos can be embedded on your profile.
> Feel free to let me know if you uncover any bugs or if there are any features
> you'd like to see!
> Niall

Sorry about that.. There appears to be some bugs with posting reply messages.
I might have to take the site offline until I sort these issues out.

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