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Re: JuggleHub Released

Little Paul May 15, 2012 3:39 AM
Posted in group: rec.juggling
On 2012-05-15, NiallKelly <> wrote:
> I've disabled message posting and replying for the moment until I sort out
> these issues.  I'm still using eternal september rather than running my
> own newsserver which I was having trouble configuring.  I'll look into
> using a provider that will allow posting from multiple users.  

The guys at eternal september are fairly friendly, as a first step I'd drop
them an email and see what they can sort out for you.  They were willing to
make an exception to one of their standard features for me when I asked them
nicely and in an appropriate manner[1]

So give them a go first.

> I notice Dave and Jay appear to have come across the same issue where the
> article reference id has gone missing and the footer has somehow been
> added more than once, so I'll try looking into this too.

Bug fixing is fun isn't it! :)

[1] I'm not going to tell you what they turned off for me, suffice it to
say it was chicken related for the monestary.  They did it quickly, and
without charging me anything.