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Re: New Sorin Munteanu video

Nathan Hoover Jan 22, 2009 1:11 PM
Posted in group: rec.juggling
"Kit" <> wrote in message
> As someone in the audience yelled out "fablisimo".  Thanks for posting
> that, David.   I first met Sorin in 1978 when he was touring with a
> circus in Sweden.  He is a very "circus" type juggler, something
> jugglers seem to be getting away from.  When was this filmed?
> curious.  I was surprised he didn't juggle 7 clubs, when I saw him he
> was the complete master of 7.  In fact, you will find a photo on him
> juggling 7 in my book, "Juggling with Finesse".  When I first started
> working on 7 clubs myself I wrote to Sorin who gave me some
> suggestions.  Good to see, thanks again, David.
> Adios>>>>>>>>>>>>Kit

Nice video! I liked the boomarang 720s around 8:00. And the boomarang to
head catch at 11:00.

The video says it was recorded 28 May 2008 in Germany.

Some more info on him: